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Attention Math A Regents Classes:

Here's some info on how you performed on the June 2005 Math A Exam...

Out of 63 students from all of Mr. Shahom's M#D classes who took the exam...
  • 85% passed with a score of 65 or higher!
    (meets NYS Regents Diploma requirement)

  • 97% earned a score of 55 or higher!
    (meets NYS Local Diploma requirement)

  • 13 students scored 85 or higher!
    (Mastery Level)

  • The highest score was 96!

  • The mean (average) score was 74.5. The median score was 76.

Enjoy the summer and keep up the good work next semester.

Mr. Shahom 

Mr. Shahom
Mathematics Department
John F. Kennedy High School

99 Terrace View Avenue
Bronx, New York 10463
Phone: (718) 562-5500 ext. 452

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